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"When it comes to Real Estate Investment, we calculate every move we make..."
Leonard Milford Bullock, IV - Developing Broker / Investor / Partner
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Market analysis

We take a comprehensive approach to market and opportunity analysis.

We incorporate key housing indicators, couple them with local market data, factor in professional opinions from authoritative experts, professional entities and official government agencies, and then we develop profitable project-based solutions to the identified housing issues and/or problems faced.

Project Planning

We work deliberately to plan projects with Accredited Investors that simply solve housing problems. We plan around known market needs.

Projects are always planned against the backdrop of the most current market intelligence available using professionals that are masters in their field of expertise.

We plan projects for reasonable rates of return that are balanced against all known market risks and variables. Projects are designed to fit overall economic conditions.

Finished development

Our projects incorporate some of the strongest construction and development methodologies currently in existence.

Our finished housing solutions, products, and offerings incorporate the lowest possible cost yet yields one of the most attractive and timeless Craftsman style homes that's structurally sound (enough to offer Category 5 Hurricane resistance), energy efficiency, and an excellent ROI for all Stake Holders.

L. Milford Bullock, IV - Private Brokerage

Sustainable Project & Development planning that adjusts to CHANGING economic CONDITIONS

Because time is money our preferred building methodology is concisely presented here to demonstrate the structural integrity we deliver to the market and to demonstrate how easily we can pivot to smaller or larger home sizes as housing market conditions and demand changes. For us, adaptation to current market needs is simple.
We adjust project pipelines to fit market conditions like no one else in the real estate industry. We ensure we're developing the homes that reflect what the masses of people are ready, willing, and able to buy.
One of our guiding principles is that we will only undertake projects in conjunction with our Material Suppliers, Licensed Contractors, Engineers, and Architects that employ sustainable structural technologies that meet or exceed the Miami Dade Building Code which is the highest standard anywhere around the world. And we do it profitably.
L. Milford Bullock, IV - private brokerage

we invite accredited investors, Real Estate Developers & Builders to connect with us, work with us, and profit with us.

Whether it's your vision for a new project or you're seeking information on a project we currently have in our pipeline, we welcome your inquiry. Your inquiry is kept 100% confidential and your contact information is never shared with outside third parties. We look forward to the possibility of working with you. 
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